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Our adventure with S&J ART made with love started on 17 July 2023. We are working hard on the online store right now. After a few days there are already results. Everything is taking shape. It's nice to see the results of work. This is really the first blog I write together with Sarah. The feeling that blogging gives you is a bit strange. It's a bit like a diary, but not only for us but also for you. And we share this diary here with you.  I'm happy to create, but showing it to the whole world is like showing a part of yourself. And sometimes a man will either convince himself or he will abandon it. I think when you write it's like time slows down...... and it feels good. That's why we hope to write something here for you sometime. As the time permits. I think the hardest work is already done: this really first blog. 


Thank you so much for reading this very ferst blog and I hope you will enjoy the website, the blog and the webshop.

Talk to you all soon,

with love

Sarah & Julia

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