We live in West Europe. The products are made in The Netherlands, the land of tulips and the North Sea. The Dutch nature is our inspiration for creating art. 


On the left side is Julia (mother) on the right side is Sarah (daughter). 


About Julia: She has been creating since childhood. Julia's passion for painting comes from her grandfather. Julia is Sarah's mother. Julia have many hobbies. And she shows part of her hobbies on the webshop S&J. 


Now about Sarah: Sarah is a very creative girl. Just like her mother, Sarah also have many hobbies. Now that the store is coming, Sarah is 9 years old. She is born in the Netherlands, Utrecht. Sarah loves horses very much. That is also Sarah's favorite animal.


Sarah is also the inspiration and originator to open this website and this online store.


This is information about us Sarah & Julia S&J.